Powerful and Simple Email Marketing is here for you!

Smart Emails. Great Leads.

There are so many ways to reach a person digitally.

But, have you wondered which is the most personal way of doing it?

If you have answered ‘emails’, pat yourself! You’re right!

Sending emails is as close as talking to the person sitting his next.

When you do it right, email marketing is as real and close like giving a hi-fi to your customers through the computer monitor (or laptop, mobile, whatever!)

We are here to do it right for you - the mighty email marketing - we make it simple for you!


Making the best of Email Marketing to drive your sales high!

  • We create and send beautiful and responsive email campaigns using completely customizable templates
  • We hold ourselves highly responsible to increase delivery and open rate and reduce bounce rate
  • We ensure responsiveness and cross-browser compatibility so that your emails look great on all devices
  • We strategize every email we write to ensure that your customer needs and your business objectives go hand in hand

So, what’s included?


Creating Emails


Segmentation & Personalization


Automation & Promotion


Building Email Templates


List Management & Growth


Ongoing Reporting

Emails are ours! Leads are yours!

“If Social Media is the actual party, then email marketing is the ‘meet up for coffee’. The original 1-to-1 channel.” - Erik Harbison

Right from strategizing email campaigns for you, we take due care at every phase of the marketing campaigns. We do it in style and at ease, seamlessly connecting the campaign goals with the analysis modules.

Based on the results of the campaigns, we schedule our ‘drip marketing’ campaigns. Drip marketing refers to re-emailing custom messages to your recipients based on their response to your previous emails to them.

Email marketing is more than sending the perfect emails. You got to write that killer subject line to make your reader open it for sure. We make sure our subject lines are personal, friendly and inviting enough to contribute to a higher open rate.

Contact us now to write great emails for you!