Don’t take your Online Reputation Management (ORM) for granted!

Better the Reputation, Better the Revenue!

89% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

If you are not gonna care about your online reputation, you are confining your market to only 12% of the actual.

This’s why we ask you to not take your ORM for granted!

Rome was not built in a day! Neither can your reputation be.

Let’s start building a great reputation for you online!

Here’s why Online Reputation Management matters the most and how we pull it off:

  • The first thing we aim at is to erase all the negativity around your product, brand or service on Digital Platforms.
  • We help you monitor and control what your customers find about you online through our online reputation management strategies
  • For businesses with a below average or poor online reputation, we deploy a wide range of strategies to push unfavorable, undesirable stories, reviews and remarks off the limelight
  • We perform third-party website and social media monitoring for your brand to identify if your business is being talked about on the other site or we respond to them with appropriate action items

So, what’s included?

Robust Strategy Development

Trust Badges & Accreditations

Review Monitoring

Review Response

Review Builder

Competitor Benchmarking

We will make the world trust you, trust us!

“Brands that fail to build trust are out of the game!”

The online space has been democratized like never before in the history. Citizenship journalism has empowered every internet consumer with good authority to create, publish and publicize opinions. In the modern business, the biggest threat is not your competitor but your unhappy (for any reason) clients.

Here’s a glimpse of how we overcome negative reputation triggered by unhappy customers:

  • Media Monitoring: There are a lot of places where customers post their reviews say, blogs, social media reviews, search engine reviews, micro-blogging sites, public forums, review threads, and e-journo websites. We monitor, control and respond to the opinions effectively, appropriately and on time.
  • Sentiment Analysis: Popular opinions on your brand can be classified as ‘positive’, ‘negative’ and ‘neutral’ with respect to the sentiments they emote. We make the best use of social listening tools to analyze your brand’s sentiment score collectively for a given period of time, based on which we arrive at unique reputation management strategies for you!

Contact us now to make your online presence sound great for your customers!